How to DIY Home Staging in 3 Simple Steps

Home Staging

Home staging - a concept derived from the literal translation of "setting the stage for a home" - is a marketing strategy tailored for preparing residential spaces for sale or rent. This process encompasses alterations in interior design, furniture placement, decor, and overall visual appeal.

The 1970s witnessed a surge of inflation in the U.S., rendering housing out of reach for many Americans. Enter Barb Schwartz, a former theatrical set designer turned real estate newbie, who faced immense challenges, selling not a single house in her first year. This drove her to a point of despair, pushing her to tap into her theatrical background.

Barb suggested to one of her clients the idea of arranging living spaces much like theatrical scenes. Each room transformed into a distinct "scene", drawing potential buyers from one room to the next, as if they were audience members moving through acts of a play. This unique interior design approach not only paved the way for Barb's first sale but also became instrumental in many subsequent ones.

Prioritizing home improvements before each sale, Barb began turning ordinary apartments into interior masterpieces. Her secret? A careful blend of decorative elements, furniture positioning, and subtle touches. The principles of home staging are timeless and applicable to various properties โ€“ from apartments and houses to restaurants and hotels. However, in some countries, these principles remain underused, mainly due to a lack of awareness, with only a few enthusiasts leveraging them.

Home Staging: A Guide to Enhancing Property Value

Primarily, home staging techniques are employed by professional designers, decorators, and interior stylists. However, with a grasp of its principles, anyone can elevate the value of their property, whether it's real estate for sale or enhancing the average ticket price for a restaurant or hotel.

The core objective of home staging is to amplify a property's allure to potential buyers or renters. This not only accelerates the sale or rental process but can significantly boost its value. Achieving this requires a combination of various techniques - from optimizing furniture placement, decor enhancements, leveraging lighting, color schemes, to thorough cleaning and defect rectification.

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Home staging might also necessitate the removal of personal items, ensuring a neutral ambiance, which allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in that space seamlessly.

So, whether your aim is a long-term rental at a competitive price or venturing into short-term rentals, home staging is an investment that always pays dividends.

Key Steps of Home Staging:

  1. De-cluttering: Rid the space of unnecessary items that detract from its appeal and profitability.
  2. Depersonalization: Remove personal photos and items. Only after this, engage in deep cleaning and potential repairs.
  3. New Purchases and Repairs: Visualize your target client. Understand their comfort requirements and ascertain if your current setup meets them. Identify any defects in your property that need addressing. Plan your budget and create a shopping list accordingly.

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Your task is to craft a spatial composition with existing furniture and items. Supplement with new purchases if required. If certain items clash, consider repainting or discarding. Such compositions stem from the function of the room and the essentials that support this function. Seamlessly lead the potential buyer or renter from one zone to the next, letting them explore the scenes you've set. It's simple in essence.

For a living room, essentials include a sofa, chairs, coffee table, and a TV stand. Additional items like cabinets, sideboards, or entertainment centers should integrate harmoniously, avoiding a cluttered look. A bedroom demands a bed, bedside tables, wardrobe system, and a dresser. The kitchen calls for cabinetry, a table, and chairs. Bathrooms should have a tub or shower, sink, toilet, mirror, towel rack, hooks, and often-overlooked storage spaces. Always put yourself in the shoes of your potential tenant or buyer. The essence of home staging is to evoke a feeling of "I want to live here!"

Elevate Your Property's Appeal with Home Staging

Want to sell your property quickly and for a premium price? Ensure that your home or apartment exudes a sense of completeness. Don't shy away from investing in key elements; these enhancements will offer a solid return. Typically, home staging expenses range around 10% of the property's value. Anything beyond that enters the realm of interior design.

It's crucial to identify and rectify any defects in your property before listing. Common issues include cracks, mold, and unpleasant odors. Depending on the state of your property, especially if it hasn't seen a cosmetic touch-up in over a decade, you might need a fresh coat of paint, new wallpapers, floor refurbishments, or even ceiling repaints. For properties with a rather dated look, comprehensive renovations involving plumbing, electrical, and sewage systems might be in order.

Ensure bedrooms are showcased with neatly made beds. Often, a simple mattress covered with a crisp white sheet, sans comforter, suffices. Place a vase with flowers on the kitchen table. Bookshelves can host a few books, and consider adding a couple of realistic-looking artificial plants to refresh spaces. Adding a contemporary rug to your living area creates warmth and ties the room together, enhancing visual appeal and comfort. The same ambiance can be achieved with floor lamps and wall sconces. The more refined spaces appear, the better.

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For expansive properties with numerous rooms, you can focus on staging just the primary, most presentable spaces, like the entrance, foyer, living room, kitchen, and dining area. However, ensure beds in all bedrooms are made, declutter spaces, and remove personal items.

For a comprehensive approach, consider partnering with a professional designer. They can guide you through furniture selection, recommend finishes, wall colors, and advise whether a complete overhaul or a cosmetic update suits your property rental objectives.

While you might envision home staging as mere interior decoration, think again! It's the art of selling, subtly manipulating the buyer's perception, enticing them to fall in love with the property even before stepping inside. It transcends interior designโ€”it's pure magic!

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